Write for us “General Blog” Guest Post

We are looking for blog posts about anything that you think might interest our readers. The topics we cover can be about your personal experiences, frustrations, breakthroughs in your life or anything else you may have on your mind.


Here are some things you should know before writing:


– We will not edit your blog post and will let it run through to publish! This means that if it is grammatically incorrect, we won’t fix it for you. If the content is inappropriate for us then we also won’t make any changes before publishing. We want the voice of our guest bloggers to be reflected. No of Words Count 750-1000 words


– We do not accept submissions for audio or video blogs (except for podcasts)


– Please submit a title, 2-3 sentences of introduction, and the link to your blog entry. (All post titles need to be unique and accurate so we can properly credit you!) You may include any paragraphs or images as you see fit but please make sure they are relevant to the topic and not something that we wouldn’t otherwise publish.


Entrants will be chosen randomly from all applicants who meet our submission criteria. If you are selected as a winner, we will contact you within 2 business days with further instructions.


– Please include a photo with your submission. This makes it more interesting for readers, and for us! The photo can be about anything and does not have to be related to the article at all. It’s up to you!


– Writing style is completely up to you. We don’t have any sort of style guide – we just want your natural voice in an article format. Do whatever feels right! We accept submissions in either first or third person point of view. If it feels better, write it in one of those styles instead of using a mix of both.


Topics Must Cover









Topics We Not Accept


Personal attacks on readers, bloggers or anyone else.






Idiot remarks,


Immature remarks,

Racist remarks,

Rape remarks and other anti-social remarks.

Controversial topics.


Bloggers may submit a maximum of 10 articles a month. We reserve the right to pick more than one article per month if we want to. If we don’t get enough responses for any particular month’s post to come out you’ll be notified in advance that you can submit your next ones in November or December. The winner will be chosen from these submissions so hopefully there will always be something interesting published on our blog as long as there are interesting people posting!


General Blog guidelines: All blog posts must be original content. We are not interested in reposts of other people’s content or plagiarism.Here’s how to submit your blog post: Please provide a working link to the blog post on your own website (or web page) so that readers can easily find it. The original, unedited blog should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document in HTML format. You may also provide any images you wish for use with the article along with your submission, but please indicate whether any image is copyright protected and don’t send copyrighted images. We will not publish items which have been previously published elsewhere and will credit them properly.


– When you are finished, send us your post as a .pdf (or .doc) file in a standard format. We’ll get back to you within 1 or 2 days – we respond pretty quickly!


We are happy to accept posts that are written by journalists and bloggers with at least one published article in the past 5 years in their field of expertise. We are not interested in short term personal finance articles.

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We will edit your post, as much as possible. All edits must be grammatically correct and understandable. We need to be able to read your post. If you are submitting a photo, please send photos in the appropriate format (.jpg, .jpeg, etc) or give us a link. We will use the photos on our site and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instgram).


Please send your submission to EMAIL with “Guest Post” in the subject line and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


We look forward to reading your submission! Good Luck! Write for us “General Blog” Guest Post

Contact: aryan@guestfluencer.com