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A to Z Kannada Boy Names List




Are you looking for a meaningful and unique name for your baby boy? Choosing a name is a significant decision for parents as it is something that will stay with the child throughout their life. If you are interested in Kannada names for boys, you are in the right place. Kannada, a Dravidian language spoken predominantly in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, has a rich tradition of naming children based on various influences such as mythology, nature, and virtues. In this comprehensive guide, we have curated an extensive list of Kannada boy names from A to Z along with their meanings to help you find the perfect name for your little one.


  1. Aarush (आरुष) - Meaning: First ray of the sun
  2. Amogh (ಅಮೋಘ) - Meaning: Unerring, infallible
  3. Anirudh (ಅನಿರುದ್ಧ) - Meaning: Unobstructed
  4. Arun (ಅರುಣ) - Meaning: Sun
  5. Aadi (ಆದಿ) - Meaning: First, most important


  1. Bhuvan (ಭುವನ) - Meaning: Earth
  2. Bharath (ಭರತ್) - Meaning: India
  3. Bhargav (ಭಾರ್ಗವ) - Meaning: Lord Shiva
  4. Bhaskar (ಭಾಸ್ಕರ) - Meaning: Sun
  5. Bhanu (ಭಾನು) - Meaning: Sun


  1. Chaitanya (ಚೈತನ್ಯ) - Meaning: Divine radiance
  2. Chandrakant (ಚಂದ್ರಕಾಂತ) - Meaning: Beloved of the moon
  3. Chetan (ಚೇತನ) - Meaning: Consciousness
  4. Chetana (ಚೇತನಾ) - Meaning: Perceptive, consciousness
  5. Chirag (ಚಿರಾಗ) - Meaning: Lamp


  1. Daksh (ದಕ್ಷ) - Meaning: Skillful
  2. Dhanush (ಧನುಷ್) - Meaning: Bow
  3. Dhruva (ಧ್ರುವ) - Meaning: Unshakeable, the pole star
  4. Darshan (ದರ್ಶನ) - Meaning: Vision, seeing
  5. Dheeraj (ಧೀರಜ್) - Meaning: Patience, courage


  1. Eeshwar (ಈಶ್ವರ) - Meaning: God
  2. Ekansh (ಏಕಾಂಶ) - Meaning: Whole, complete
  3. Eknath (ಏಕನಾಥ) - Meaning: Lord Vishnu
  4. Eswar (ಈಶ್ವರ) - Meaning: Lord Shiva
  5. Elakya (ಎಲಕ್ಯ) - Meaning: Features of a person


  1. Farid (ಫರೀದ್) - Meaning: Unique, precious
  2. Faizan (ಫೈಜಾನ್) - Meaning: Benefactor, ruler
  3. Fateh (ಫತೇ) - Meaning: Victory
  4. Firoz (ಫಿರೋಜ) - Meaning: Turquoise
  5. Furkan (ಫುರ್ಕಾನ್) - Meaning: Differentiator between right and wrong


  1. Ganesh (ಗಣೇಶ) - Meaning: Lord Ganesha
  2. Gopal (ಗೋಪಾಲ) - Meaning: Lord Krishna
  3. Girish (ಗಿರೀಶ್) - Meaning: Lord of the mountain
  4. Gautham (ಗೌತಂ) - Meaning: Lord Buddha
  5. Gagan (ಗಗನ) - Meaning: Sky


  1. Hari (ಹರಿ) - Meaning: Lord Vishnu
  2. Harsha (ಹರ್ಷ) - Meaning: Joy
  3. Hemanth (ಹೇಮಂತ) - Meaning: Early winter
  4. Hitesh (ಹಿತೇಶ್) - Meaning: Lord of goodness
  5. Hrishikesh (ಹೃಷಿಕೇಶ್) - Meaning: Lord Vishnu


  1. Ishaan (ಈಶಾನ) - Meaning: Sun, Lord Shiva
  2. Indra (ಇಂದ್ರ) - Meaning: King of gods
  3. Ismail (ಇಸ್ಮಾಯಿಲ್) - Meaning: Prophet
  4. Imran (ಇಮ್ರಾನ) - Meaning: Prosperity
  5. Ishan (ಈಶಾನ್) - Meaning: Lord Shiva


  1. Jagadish (ಜಗದೀಶ್) - Meaning: Lord of the universe
  2. Jaidev (ಜೈದೇವ್) - Meaning: Victorious god
  3. Jagan (ಜಗನ್) - Meaning: Universe
  4. Jatin (ಜತಿನ್) - Meaning: Saint
  5. Jairaj (ಜೈರಾಜ್) - Meaning: Victory


  1. Krishna (ಕೃಷ್ಣ) - Meaning: Lord Krishna
  2. Karthik (ಕಾರ್ತಿಕ) - Meaning: God Murugan
  3. Kiran (ಕಿರಣ್) - Meaning: Ray of light
  4. Kumar (ಕುಮಾರ) - Meaning: Prince
  5. Kailash (ಕೈಲಾಶ್) - Meaning: Abode of Lord Shiva


  1. Lakshman (ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮಣ) - Meaning: Prosperous, brother of Lord Rama
  2. Lalit (ಲಲಿತ) - Meaning: Beautiful
  3. Lohith (ಲೊಹಿತ) - Meaning: Lord Shiva
  4. Lakshya (ಲಕ್ಷ್ಯ) - Meaning: Aim, destination
  5. Lalitendra (ಲಲಿತೇಂದ್ರ) - Meaning: Lord of beauty


  1. Manoj (ಮನೋಜ) - Meaning: Cupid
  2. Mohan (ಮೋಹನ) - Meaning: Charming
  3. Madhav (ಮಾಧವ) - Meaning: Lord Krishna
  4. Manish (ಮನೀಷ) - Meaning: Intelligent
  5. Mahesh (ಮಹೇಶ್) - Meaning: Lord Shiva


  1. Naveen (ನವೀನ) - Meaning: New
  2. Nikhil (ನಿಖಿಲ) - Meaning: Complete
  3. Nandish (ನಂದೀಶ್) - Meaning: Lord Shiva
  4. Nitin (ನಿತಿನ್) - Meaning: New light
  5. Naveen (ನವೀನ) - Meaning: New


  1. Om (ಓಂ) - Meaning: Sacred symbol of the universe
  2. Omkar (ಓಂಕಾರ) - Meaning: The sound of the sacred syllable Om
  3. Ojas (ಓಜಸ್) - Meaning: Energy, vigor
  4. Omesh (ಓಮೇಶ್) - Meaning: Sacred God
  5. Omkar (ಓಂಕಾರ) - Meaning: The primordial sound


  1. Pranav (ಪ್ರಣವ) - Meaning: Sacred syllable Om
  2. Pranay (ಪ್ರಣಯ) - Meaning: Love
  3. Prathik (ಪ್ರತಿಕ್) - Meaning: Symbol
  4. Parth (ಪಾರ್ಥ) - Meaning: Arjun
  5. Prabhu (ಪ್ರಭು) - Meaning: God


  1. Qadir (ಕಾದಿರ್) - Meaning: Powerful
  2. Qamar (ಕಮಾರ್) - Meaning: Moon
  3. Qasim (ಕಾಸಿಮ್) - Meaning: Divider
  4. Quadir (ಖಾದಿರ್) - Meaning: Able
  5. Qusay (ಕುಸೈ) - Meaning: Distant


  1. Raghav (ರಘವ್) - Meaning: Lord Rama
  2. Raj (ರಾಜ್) - Meaning: King
  3. Rohan (ರೋಹಣ) - Meaning: Red
  4. Rishi (ಋಷಿ) - Meaning: Sage
  5. Rudra (ರುದ್ರ) - Meaning: Lord Shiva


  1. Sahil (ಸಾಹಿಲ) - Meaning: Guide
  2. Surya (ಸೂರ್ಯ) - Meaning: Sun
  3. Shiva (ಶಿವ) - Meaning: Auspicious, God of destruction
  4. Shyam (ಶ್ಯಾಮ) - Meaning: Dark, black
  5. Sanjay (ಸಂಜಯ) - Meaning: Victory, beneficial


  1. Tanish (ತನಿಷ್) - Meaning: Ambition
  2. Tejas (ತೇಜಸ್) - Meaning: Sharp, brilliance
  3. Trilok (ತ್ರಿಲೋಕ) - Meaning: The three worlds
  4. Tarun (ತರುಣ) - Meaning: Young
  5. Shubham (ಶುಭಮ್) - Meaning: Auspicious


  1. Uday (ಉದಯ) - Meaning: Sunrise
  2. Umesh (ಉಮೇಶ್) - Meaning: Lord Shiva
  3. Utkarsh (ಉತ್ಕರ್ಷ) - Meaning: Advancement
  4. Upendra (ಉಪೇಂದ್ರ) - Meaning: Vishnu
  5. Ujjwal (ಉಜ್ವಲ) - Meaning: Bright, clear


  1. Vijay (ವಿಜಯ) - Meaning: Victory
  2. Varun (ವರುಣ) - Meaning: God of water
  3. Vishal (ವಿಶಾಲ) - Meaning: Broad, huge
  4. Vikas (ವಿಕಾಸ) - Meaning: Progress
  5. Vivek (ವಿವೇಕ) - Meaning: Intelligence


  1. Waman (ವಾಮನ) - Meaning: Short, Vamana avatar of Vishnu
  2. Waqar (ವಕರ್) - Meaning: Dignity, sobriety
  3. Waman (ವಾಮನ) - Meaning: Short
  4. Wajid (ವಜಿದ್) - Meaning: Finder, discoverer
  5. Wahab (ವಹಬ್) - Meaning: Donor


  1. Xavier (ಜೇವಿಯರ್) - Meaning: Bright, splendid
  2. Xenos (ಜೇನೋಸ್) - Meaning: Stranger, guest
  3. Xerxes (ಜರ್ಜಿಕ್ಸ್) - Meaning: Persian king
  4. Xander (ಜೇಂಡೆರ್) - Meaning: Defender of the people
  5. Xylon (ಕ್ಸಿಲೋನ್) - Meaning: From the forest


  1. Yash (ಯಶ್) - Meaning: Fame
  2. Yuvan (ಯುವನ್) - Meaning: Youthful
  3. Yogesh (ಯೋಗೇಶ್) - Meaning: God of Yoga
  4. Yatin (ಯತಿನ್) - Meaning: Ascetic
  5. Yajat (ಯಜತ್) - Meaning: Worshipper


  1. Zaheer (ಝಾಹೀರ್) - Meaning: Bright, shining
  2. Zorawar (ಝೊರಾವರ್) - Meaning: Powerful
  3. Zubin (ಝುಬಿನ್) - Meaning: Toothy
  4. Zulkifl (ಝುಲ್ಕಿಫ್ಲ್) - Meaning: Name of a prophet
  5. Zaafir (ಝಾಫೀರ್) - Meaning: Victorious


1. Why is it important to choose a unique name for your baby boy?

Choosing a unique name for your baby boy can help him stand out and create a sense of individuality as he grows up. It can also reflect your cultural heritage or personal beliefs.

2. How can I ensure that the name I choose has a good meaning?

Before finalizing a name for your baby boy, make sure to research its meaning in different languages and cultures. You can also consult with family members or a naming expert to ensure the name has a positive connotation.

3. Are there any traditional Kannada naming customs I should be aware of?

In Kannada culture, names are often derived from Sanskrit words or have a spiritual significance. It is common for children to be named after deities, virtues, or natural elements.

4. Should I consider the astrological significance of a name while choosing one for my baby boy?

In Indian culture, including Kannada traditions, the astrological significance of a name is often considered while naming a child. Consulting with an astrologer or following guidelines based on your child's birth star can help in selecting an auspicious name.

5. Can I modify the spelling of a traditional Kannada name to make it more unique?

While modifying the spelling of a traditional Kannada name is a personal choice, it is essential to ensure that the pronunciation and essence of the name remain intact. Consult with family members or experts to find a balanced approach to altering the spelling.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a deeply personal decision that should reflect your values, beliefs, and aspirations for your child. With this comprehensive list of Kannada boy names from A to Z and their meanings, you are sure to find a name that resonates with you and your family's heritage.

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