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Rent a Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date: What Fans Can Expect




Since its premiere in July 2020, “Rent a Girlfriend” has become one of the most popular romantic comedy anime series. The show follows the story of Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student who rents a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara to help him cope with a recent breakup. With two successful seasons under its belt, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3. In this article, we will explore the potential release date for the upcoming season and discuss what fans can expect from the new episodes.

When Will “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3 Be Released?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3. However, based on the previous release patterns of the show, we can make an educated guess about when the new season might premiere.

The first season of “Rent a Girlfriend” aired from July to September 2020, while the second season aired from January to March 2021. Both seasons consisted of 12 episodes each. If the production schedule remains consistent, we can expect “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3 to be released sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.

What Can Fans Expect from “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3?

“Rent a Girlfriend” Season 2 left fans on a cliffhanger, with Kazuya and Chizuru’s relationship taking a significant turn. Season 3 is expected to pick up from where the previous season left off and delve deeper into the complexities of their relationship.

Here are some key aspects that fans can expect from “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3:

  • Character Development: Season 3 will likely focus on the growth and development of the main characters, especially Kazuya and Chizuru. Viewers can expect to see their relationship evolve and face new challenges.
  • New Love Interests: The introduction of new characters and potential love interests is a common trope in romantic comedy anime. Season 3 might bring in new characters who will add more depth to the story and create additional romantic tension.
  • Emotional Rollercoaster: “Rent a Girlfriend” has always been known for its emotional rollercoaster rides. Season 3 will likely continue to tug at the heartstrings of viewers, with moments of laughter, tears, and everything in between.
  • Plot Twists: The show has a knack for surprising its audience with unexpected plot twists. Season 3 is expected to deliver more twists and turns that will keep viewers hooked and eagerly anticipating each new episode.
  • Resolution of Subplots: Throughout the first two seasons, “Rent a Girlfriend” introduced several subplots involving the supporting characters. Season 3 will likely tie up loose ends and provide closure to these subplots.

“Rent a Girlfriend” has garnered a massive following and has become a fan favorite for several reasons:

  • Relatable Characters: The characters in “Rent a Girlfriend” are relatable and flawed, making them easy to connect with. Viewers can see themselves in the struggles and emotions of the characters, which adds to the show’s appeal.
  • Realistic Relationships: The show portrays relationships in a realistic manner, showcasing the ups and downs, misunderstandings, and complexities that come with love and dating. This authenticity resonates with viewers.
  • Humor: “Rent a Girlfriend” strikes a perfect balance between romance and comedy. The witty dialogue and humorous situations provide a lighthearted and entertaining experience for viewers.
  • Visual Appeal: The animation and art style of “Rent a Girlfriend” are visually appealing, capturing the essence of the characters and their emotions. The vibrant colors and detailed backgrounds enhance the overall viewing experience.


While the official release date for “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3 is yet to be announced, fans can expect the new season to continue the captivating story of Kazuya and Chizuru. With character development, new love interests, emotional rollercoasters, plot twists, and resolution of subplots, Season 3 promises to deliver an engaging and entertaining experience for viewers. The relatable characters, realistic relationships, humor, and visual appeal are some of the factors that have contributed to the show’s immense popularity. As fans eagerly await the release of Season 3, they can rest assured that the wait will be worth it.


1. Will there be a Season 3 of “Rent a Girlfriend”?

While there has been no official announcement, it is highly likely that “Rent a Girlfriend” will have a Season 3 based on the success and popularity of the previous seasons.

2. How many episodes will be in “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3?

Based on the previous seasons, it is expected that “Rent a Girlfriend” Season 3 will consist of 12 episodes.

3. When did the first two seasons of “Rent a Girlfriend” air?

The first season of “Rent a Girlfriend” aired from July to September 2020, while the second season aired from January to March 2021.

4. What genre is “Rent a Girlfriend”?

“Rent a Girlfriend” is a romantic comedy anime series.

5. Is “Rent a Girlfriend” based on a manga?

Yes, “Rent a Girlfriend” is based on a manga of the same name written and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima.

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